Exhibiting at Thai International Travel Fair #21 in Bangkok

This is to inform you that we will be exhibiting at Thai International Travel Fair #21 in  Bangkok Thailand.
About a half million visitors are expected and this is the largest travel exposition in Southeast Asia.
FUN RIDE JAPAN’s exhibit is located at Japan zone P288 in front of JNTO (Japan National Tourism Organization) Staff Office.
We would be very pleased to have you visit our site, to allow us to introduce some of our new motorcycle tours.
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A lovely gift from our customers

I’ve got a lovely gift from Germany.
It’s from customers I made two weeks motorcycle tour on this April.
When I opened the box,I could find a lovely rabbit shaped chocolate and a letter.
It touched my heart.
I could feel their kind consideration and could imagine they gave a lot of thought to this present.

During touring at Kamakura(old town),the moment they found the station sign ”HASE”, they began saying “HASE! HASE!” happily.
They told me “HASE” means rabbit and they felt happy finding their mother language in Japan.
From that time we found so many “HASE”rabbit shaped something during  motorcycle tour.
We laughed each other finding and saying “HASE!”.
We had a good time and they liked our tour very much.
Ingrid and Michael, Thank you for your lovely present and a letter filled with lots of warm words.