Model Course – 9 Days explore unspoiled nature island

From late Jun to early October is the best season for motorcycle touring in Hokkaido. Wild mountains, virgin forests,fragrant air and endless straight paved road. Hokkaido is the most popular place in Japanese riders.

Let’s enjoy Japan on two wheels!

Hokkaido is the second largest, northernmost and least developed island in Japan.
Unspoiled nature,large notional park,volcanoes and mountains,rivers and lakes,beautiful coastline,a straight paved road last forever and natural hot springs.

Soak in a magnificent nature and escape the noise of the city.
If you are a motorcycle lover, Hokkaido is worth a visit.スクリーンショット 2015-11-24 15.12.34

Model Course – 9 days Summer Hokkaido
(9 days/best season= late Jun 〜 early October)

With its unspoiled nature Hokkaido attracts many motorcycle lovers.
Enjoy large national parks,volcanoes and mountains,rivers and lakes,beautiful coastline,an endless straight paved road and natural hot springs. We visit a small remote island. Almost of all accommodations are with hot spring.


day1 > Chitose airport to Obihiro -total distance about 300km
◆Route:Chitose ~ Cape Erimo 〜 Tokachi plainObihiro
◆Highlights : Cape Erimo,Tokachi plain
Stay :Tokachi Onsen

day2 > Obihiro to Shiretoko – total distance about 250km
◆Route:Obihiro ~ Lake MashuShiretoko Peninsula
◆Highlights : Akan National Park,Lake Mashu,Kaiyoudai,Milk road(paved straight road)
Stay : Shiretoko Peninsula

day3 >Shiretoko to Abashiri- total distance about 100km
◆Route:Shiretoko 〜 Abashiri
◆Highlights :Shiretoko National park(by sightseeing boat),Shiretoko five lakes,Oshinkoshin fall,ferule fall,Puyuni pond
Stay : Abashiri

day4 > Abashiri to Wakkanai – total distance about 320km
◆RouteAbahiri ~ Lake Saroma 〜 Monbetsu 〜 Wakkanai
◆Highlights :Cape Soya(northern point in Japan),Cape Noshappu
Stay : Wakkanai

day5 > Wakkanai to Rishiri island – total distance about 70km
◆RouteWakkanaiRishiri island  (by ferry)
◆Highlights :Rishiri island(small remote island),Mt.Rishiri,Himenuma,Otatomari Pond
Stay : Rishiri island

day6 >Rishiri island. to Sounkyo – total distance about 350km
◆RouteRishiri  ~  Wakkanai 〜 AsahikawaSounkyo
◆Highlights :Ororon Line,Sarobetsu-genya Moor,Otonrui Windmill,Kawanishinooka hill
Stay : Sounkyo

day7 > Sounkyo to Furano – total distance about 200km
◆RouteSounkyo~  Mikuni Toge Pass 〜 Furano
◆Highlights :Daisetsuzan National park,Tausubetsu bridge,mild seven hill,Biei
Stay : Furano

day8 > Furano to Sapporo  – total distance about 300km
◆RouteFurano Otaru 〜 YoichiCape ShakotanSapporo
◆Highlights :lavender fields,Blue pond,Otaru river,Yoichi Nikka Whisky factory,Cape Shakotan
Stay : Sapporo

day9 >  Sapporo to Chitose airport   – total distance about 240km
◆RouteSapporoNiseko〜  Lake Shikotsu〜 Chitose airport
◆Highlights :Mt.Yotei,Shikotsu Toya National park,Lake Shikotsu

Rough price per person with five people :¥280,000 excludes Motorcycle rental fee
(Prices subject to change depending on lodging fees and number of participants. In case of five or less participants, price will be higher)
Motorcycle rental fee(sample):¥138,600(Kawasaki Ninja 1000)

For further details,please contact us.

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