7 days Autumn leaves tour

date : October 15(Sun) to 21(Sat) 2017

Customers : a couple and their friends from U.S.A.
Touring course: Tokyo – Nikko-Kusatsu Onsen – Hida Takayama- Tsumago juku post town – Izu Peninsula -Hakone -Mt.Fuji 5th station –  Tokyo
Total distance: 1400km

Customers visited Japan at the first time.
We selected  mix of landscape, sightseeing spots for their route to feel  Japans culture, history and nature.
They are beer lovers and requested to visit micro breweries.
So we selected hotels and restaurants to serve special beer.
Whether was not so good,so we have to skip some places.
But  they enjoyed live Japan.

13days “Cherry blossoms touring”

Customers : a couple from Germany.
Touring course: Kanagawa-Izu Peninsula-Hakone- Kyoto- Shikoku island-Kurashiki-Shimane -Tottori-Ishikawa-Noto Peninsula-
Hida Takayama- Matsumoto- Fuji five lakes- Kanagawa
Total distance: 2700km

We selected hotels and restaurants suite for them.
We also arrange before and after touring accommodations and tours.
They ordered one year ago and we mailed so many times each other.

Yoshi & Ken & Bo

User’s Voice – Autumn color touring in Tateshina

Autumn color touring to Tateshina in Nagano prefecture with 14members. We started from Tokyo and ride through the famous scenic road “Venus Line “. We enjoyed the beautiful season.

Thanks for this good trip. I really enjoyed it. Also thanks everybody. It was really cold around Megami-lake. Actually the signboard on the roadside showed it was 3 degrees. However I enjoyed riding and talking with you all. See you soon!

Thank you for sharing the nice touring yesterday.
It was cold, but there are a lot of good scenery there. I enjoyed the autumn color .

Thanks guys for a great day. I loved it. It was very nice to meet you all.  Hope to see you all soon.

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Bob & Dean

USER’S VOICE * Fantastic weekend riding – “Snow walls”

Bob and Dean
April 23rd and 24th 2016
Fantastic weekend riding into the mountains to see the “snow walls”. Perfect timing…..still enough snow but warm enough to not need any cold weather riding gear! Yukiko knows how to set up a tour! Great route, great food, and a fantastic Hotel/Onsen to spend the night at!
Bob5 Bob4

Model Course – 7 Days Center of Japan

Let’s enjoy Japan on two wheels!
It is really rich in variety with a lot of famous resort areas around Tokyo. We stay at an excellent Japanese inn with a Tatami room and Seaside Pension with a friendly atmosphere. Lake side Hotel, Minshuku “民宿” – a family operated Japanese style bed and breakfast inn.

Bask in the views at Mt.Fuji, Izu coastline and the Japanese Alps.
Enjoy the beautiful views, the Japanese culture and relax at an Onsen hot spring.

スクリーンショット 2015-11-22 12.33.13 Continue reading Model Course – 7 Days Center of Japan

Model Course – 5 Days Venus Line – Soak in Japanese Alps views

This course is full of great motorcycle roads and ample hot springs.
Soak in the views at Mt.Fuji, Tateshina, Hida-Takayama and Shiga-Kogen.
Enjoy the beautiful Japanese Alps views, the Japanese culture and relax at Japan’s most famous Onsen.

Let’s enjoy Japan on two wheels!

A course that takes you to the 2nd best motorcycle route in Japan with the beautiful Japanese Alps views. Enjoy the Japanese food and culture and relax at Onsen – hot spring.
Venus Line Route is the 2nd best motorcycle route in Japan. Continue reading Model Course – 5 Days Venus Line – Soak in Japanese Alps views