Manners at Japanese Shrine

Let’s remained the manners at shrine.
Bow before entering Torii Gate.
In side of the Shrine is the holly place for enshrined Gods. You have to show the respect of Gods of the shrine.
Don’t walk on the center of Torii Gate and Approach.
Approach is the pass of Gods, so you should walk the side.
at the Water Place
Clean your body and mind at Water Place before visiting the main shrine
1. take a water scoop on right hand.
2. scoop water and wash left hand.
3. switch scoop on left hand, and wash right hand.
4. switch scoop back on right hand and pour water on left hand, then wash your mouth.
Don’t wash your mouth directly from scoop.
to pray
Take off your hat or cap.
Throw your coin in to offertory box.¥5 or ¥10 or ¥100 coin would be fine.There is no specific amount of coin.
Ring the bell
The sound of the bell call God into the shrine.
1. Make two deep bow
tell your name and home address
say thank you to God with your feelings of gratitude
2. Make your wish in your heart.
3. Clap twice.
4. Make one more deep bowing.
Shrine is not a travel spot where you can enjoy sightseeing.
Visit the shrine to pray for your luck with good manners.

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