Hokkaido is a wild and peaceful land, and is big! Lots of interesting places to visit.It’s fun to ride on a straight road last forever.
Mountain road from Sounkyo to Obihiro is splendid. I enjoyed riding through mountains. rivers and forest.
The view at Mikuni Toge Pass and Furano town are so nice. I stopped often and took a deep breath.
There is a friendly nature welcomes Motorcycle Riders here in Hokkaido.
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Lake Onneto

Akan National Park is a mountainous park that stretches across the eastern part of Hokkaido
and famous for its magnificent natural beauty.
It’s fun ride around in this beautiful nature.
Lake Onneto is a part of Akan National Park (east of Ashoro Town), and one of the three great secret lakes in Hokkaido.
It shows many faces like emerald green and darkblue, its surface beautifully changes color.
The name, “Onneto” means old pond or big pond in the original Ainu language.

Ororon Line

The coastal Ororon Line is a National Road passing by Teshio, Haboro and Rumoi town.
Here is a breath-taking scenery road as it unravels along the Japan Sea.
You can see Mt. Rishiri-Fuji and Rebun Island rising over the sea in the distance on your right.
The sunset sinking into the ocean, and the view of great Mt. Rishiri Fuji is absolutely gorgeous.
On your left, you can see the Sarobetsu-genya Moor , a natural grandeur of Hokkaido and Otonrui Windmill.
It is amazing to see the 28 wind turbines, some as high as 99 m, lined up over a distance of 3 km.

Hokkaido-Lake Mashu & Onneto

Akan National Park in Hokkaido is a land for forests and lakes.
A mysterious foggy Lake Mashu,the marimo algae balls in Lake Akan


and a mysterious lake where the water changes colour lake Onneto.

They are the three great secret lakes in Hokkaido.

Summer holiday touring in Hokkaido.

Rough Price : 700,000 yen per person.(400~800cc bikes)
10days Basic tour included rental bikes and insurance:For further details,please contact us.

Cape Soya- the northernmost point of Japan

Let’s have an adventure touring to the the northernmost point of Japan .
Cape Soya is in northern latitude 45 degrees 31’

It’s the northernmost point of Japan,see the Sakhalin Island over the horizon.
Checking a map of Japan and looking at the coastal line and the horizon, you can feel that you are indeed at the northernmost point of Hokkaido. 
A stone monument of triangular pyramid shape is the monument at the northern end of Japan.

Hokkaido touring is available from June.