Greeting from Yukiko
“A fantastic motorcycle ride for foreigners visiting Japan.” Under this vision, FUN RIDE JAPAN was established in 2015. Working as a cabin crew on an international airline, I had visited many countries, meeting with many people, and received a better understanding of Japan’s own history, culture, and people. I’d like to share the charm of Japan to people all over the world through motorcycle riding. I would like to create “First Class Motorcycle Riding” as a profession of hospitality. These are the reasons why I started my “second life.”

First Class Motorcycle Riding
When you hear “first class,” you imagine the comfortable space, fine quality services, or gorgeous meals. But the most important thing we consider is giving our customers top priority. Our vision of “First Class Motorcycle Riding”, means that we value planning the best trip, managing safety, communicating with people, and creating an unforgettable memory for our customers.

In Japan, there are narrow streets that can only be passed on a motorcycle.
Japan is a small island. There are many beautiful spots that can only be reached by passing through these narrow streets. There are magnificent mountain paths that run from Furumine Shrine to Nikko-Toshogu in Tochigi Prefecture. Some towns along the Seto Island Sea also have a great atmosphere. On the Noto Peninsula, in Ishikawa Prefecture, there is a white sand beach. However, after you talk with the local people, you will find out that it’s actually a salt pan, an area used for extracting salt! These interesting things that you run into is what makes for a great journey. We would like to introduce many narrow streets off the beaten path and beautiful points of Japan which can only be found by riding motorcycles.

CEO Yukiko Matsubayashi

●1975~2010:Cabin attendant of Japan Airlines international routes
●2009~:Harley-Davidson Sportstar rider, Touring in 46 prefectures of Japan(except OKINAWA),Touring in Las Vegas, Mojave Desert, Hawaii and more
●2015:Establishment of “Fun ride Japan”

Director  Matt Matsubayashi

Yukiko and I always welcome you.
I’m glad to introduce Japan with two wheels.

Tour Guides (We call “Touring Navigator”)

Professional Motorcycle Mechanic
Hello,I’m Ken.
I’m glad to touring with you in Japan.I always welcome your visit!