Please print and read this travel terms and conditions booklet when applying.

This trip arranged by FUN RIDE JAPAN (hereinafter referred to as “FRJ”) is a “Custom Made Tour.”
The client makes the agreement of the Custom Made Tour together with FRJ when applying.

 Terms and Conditions   (Outline)

(1)Client must complete an application form and submit payment with the application fee as stated by FRJ.
When the client pays the amount for the travel fare, the application fee is added as a part of that amount.
(2)If a person representing an organization or a party applies for our tour, FRJ shall deem that the representative has all authority related to the concluding and the cancelling of tour agreements.
(3)The representative must provide documents that shows members’ information for FRJ by the due date that FRJ appoints.

(1)Client must pay all travel fare by the due date that FRJ appoints before departure.
(2)In the case that the travel contract states travel fare will change by the number of transportations, accommodations, etc., if the number of those is changed after the contract, FRJ will change the travel fare as per the contract.
(3)A 5% surcharge will be added to all credit card payments.

【Effective date of travel contract】
The travel contract becomes valid when FRJ agrees to sign the contract and receive the application fee.

【Issuing contract documents】
(1)FRJ will issue contract documents that state travel starting dates, details of travel services, travel fare, travel regulations, and statements of FRJ’s responsibility soon after making the contract.
(2)Travel services where FRJ has an obligation of arranging and managing itineraries are provided based on the contract documents referred to in the preceding paragraph when the travel contract is issued.

【Things that travel fare includes】
◎ Rental bike’s insurance
◎ English speaking Touring guide
◎ Touring itinerary
◎ Travel planning & reservations
◎ Overnight accommodations at destinations with dinner & breakfast
◎T-shirts with company logo
FRJ shall not refund any travel fare if part of the fare goes unused due to clients’ personal reasons.

【Things the travel fare does not include】
◎A cost of gas
◎Toll fee for express way
◎Admission fee
◎Lunches, snacks and drinks
◎Personal travel insurance

【Travel Insurance】
When significant alterations of the travel contract occur, FRJ shall pay compensation multiplied by a fixed percentage and travel fare.

【Special compensation】
In the event of the provision of special compensation, FRJ shall pay a predefined compensation payment if clients suffer loss of lives, injuries, or baggage damage during Custom Made Tours.

⚫️FRJ shall not be held liable for alterations or cancellation of travel plans due to any disasters, wars, riots, or cancellation of transit and accommodation services. FRJ will neither be liable for accidents, food poisoning, or theft that occurred during one’s free time.
⚫️FRJ shall not be liable for alterations or shortening of travel plans due to delays or cancellations of transportation, but we will do our best to arrange tours so that there are no alterations to travel plans.
Clients are responsible for all newly incurred expenses regarding related transportation or accommodation services.
⚫️Clients who applied for motorcycle touring must bring their home country driver’s license and required documents for an international driver’s license. When clients do not have the required license and documents, they cannot participate in the tour.  In that case, FRJ will not refund any tour fees.

【Cancellation Rates】
If a client decides to cancel the travel contract for personal reasons, the following cancellation rates will apply to the tour fare.

Classification Cancellation rate
         [1]  Applies to the Custom Made Tour contract except where noted.
(a)  In a case other than the cases mentioned in (b) through (f)  (limited to cases where the company has specified the amount of the plan charge in the contract document) Amount equivalent to the plan charge
(b)  If cancellation is made on or after the 20th day (10th day in case of a one day trip) prior to the day preceding the commencement date of travel (excluding the cases mentioned in (c) through (f)); 20% of the tour fare
(c)  If cancellation is made on or after the 7th day prior to the day preceding the commencement date of travel (excluding the cases mentioned in (d) through (f); 30% of the tour fare
(d)  If cancellation is made on the day preceding the commencement date of travel 40% of the tour fare
(e)  If cancellation is made on the commencement date of travel (excluding the case mentioned in (f); 50% of the tour fare
f)  In case of cancellation after the commencement date of travel or in cases of no participation without communication. 100% of the tour fare