Motorcycle Tour Service around Japan
with the Spirit of ”OMOTENASHI” (about warm hospitality)

Company History

nihondaira-300x200Yukiko started riding motorcycles shortly after retiring from Japan Airlines where she was cabin crew on international routes. While riding her beloved Harley-Davidson Sportstar to all corners of Japan she realized anew what a beautiful country Japan is. Now, as president and CEO of Fun Ride Japan, her goal is to help others discover this beauty as well.

Natural beauty is best appreciated on two wheels, because on a motorcycle you are part of the environment,
rather than just a spectator ― you not only see the beauty, you also feel it. Even for someone like herself, who has traveled to all corners of the globe, this has been a revelatory and emotional awakening. With the exception of Okinawa, she has now ridden through all 46 prefectures on the main islands. Her goal in establishing Fun ride Japan is to share these emotions with others.

Now, after 35 years in customer service with Japan Airlines, and having toured all Japan on her Harley, her goal is to help others see, and feel, the true beauty of Japan, its people and culture.

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Company Profile
  • Trade Name:FUN RIDE JAPAN
  • Travel agency registration number:Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture, 3-1223
  • Head Office:1025-7, Isshiki, Hayama ,Kanagawa, Japan
  • Mail Address :
  • Establishment:January 15th, 2015
  • President & CEO:Yukiko Matsubayashi

CEO Profile

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  • 1975~2010:Cabin attendant of Japan Airlines international routes
  • 2009~:Harley-Davidson Sportster rider, Touring in 46 prefectures of Japan(except OKINAWA),Touring in Las Vegas, Mojave Desert, Hawaii and more
  • 2015:Establishment of “FUN RIDE JAPAN”