CEO Yukiko Matsubayashi

●1975~2010:Cabin attendant of Japan Airlines international routes
●2009~:Harley-Davidson Sportstar rider, Touring in 46 prefectures of Japan(except OKINAWA),Touring in Las Vegas, Mojave Desert, Hawaii and more
●2015:Establishment of “Fun ride Japan”


Manager Matt Matsubayashi

Yukiko and I always welcome. 
I’m very glad to show you Japan with two wheels.
I support you by chase car.

Tour Guides (We call “Touring Navigator”)

  • Multilingual
    ●First-aid trained and carrying first-aid kits
    ●Experienced Riders
    ●Know the best roads and routes



Professional Motorcycle Mechanic

Hello,I’m Ken.
I’m glad to touring with you in Japan.
I always welcome your visit!



I rode a motorbike for the first time at 3 years old.I like to ride a motorbike free and easy looking at the passing scenery without using an tool road. Let’s have fun ride with enjoying a little discovery.