Sado Island

Sadogashima island lies off the coast of Niigata Prefecture and the biggest island in Japan.
You can find a lot of exeiting places to ride.such as  beautiful coast lines, rustic sleepy fishing villages, seaside lots of strangely shaped rocks, windy mountain roads.
And also Sado-Gashima Island has an interesting history. Its culture can be seen in its unique traditional arts and entertainment.

Seto Inland Sea

Seto Inland Sea is famous for Its calm waters stretch over 400 kilometers from Osaka to Kitakyushu and include some 3000 islands.
Many of the islands are connected to one another by small local ferries.
Seto Inland Sea’s mild climate and its islands’ relaxed atmosphere invite comparisons with the Mediterranean Sea.
The eastern islands around Naoshima have become known as a modern art destination.
Other popular sightseeing spots around Seto Inland Sea include Shimanami-Kaido and Miyajima.

Oirase Mountain Stream

The Oirase Mountain Stream  is a mountain stream that runs for about 14 kilometers from Nenokuchi.
It runs through a virgin forest rich in variety, containing white cedar, Japanese beech, and maple trees.
If you walk along the banks of the stream, you can see close-up the beauty of nature, such as dense green vegetation, ripples in the river, and rocks poking above the water covered with plants and moss.
The trail along the stream is also known as the Waterfall Avenue due to the numerous waterfalls scattered along the stream.

Shiriyazaki Cape

Cape Shiriyazaki is part of Shimokita Hanto Quasi-National Park and the northern most east edge of Honshu.
It’s famous for a beautiful white light house and and Kandachime horses.
These horses are known for having short legs and stout frames and endure the severe winter of Shimokita peninsula.
It’s a symbol of strength.
But in summer time,they are melted.

Lake Onneto

Akan National Park is a mountainous park that stretches across the eastern part of Hokkaido
and famous for its magnificent natural beauty.
It’s fun ride around in this beautiful nature.
Lake Onneto is a part of Akan National Park (east of Ashoro Town), and one of the three great secret lakes in Hokkaido.
It shows many faces like emerald green and darkblue, its surface beautifully changes color.
The name, “Onneto” means old pond or big pond in the original Ainu language.

Ororon Line

The coastal Ororon Line is a National Road passing by Teshio, Haboro and Rumoi town.
Here is a breath-taking scenery road as it unravels along the Japan Sea.
You can see Mt. Rishiri-Fuji and Rebun Island rising over the sea in the distance on your right.
The sunset sinking into the ocean, and the view of great Mt. Rishiri Fuji is absolutely gorgeous.
On your left, you can see the Sarobetsu-genya Moor , a natural grandeur of Hokkaido and Otonrui Windmill.
It is amazing to see the 28 wind turbines, some as high as 99 m, lined up over a distance of 3 km.

Soya Cape

Cape Soya is the northernmost point in Japan(the latitude of 45 degrees, 31 minutes and 22 seconds).
From here, the wide expanse of sea spreads out from the east, west. and north.
You can see the Sakhalin Island 43 meters away on a fine day.
There is a stone monument of triangular pyramid shape on the cape.
If you travel around Hokkaido,you should visit here and take a memorial photo,
” I am here on the Northernmost Point in Japan! ”