Snow wall riding

R292 Shigakogen-Kusatsu which became the winter season closure will be opened late April.
Snow wall riding is fun only for this time of year.
Every year we take our guests there.
Riding through the snow wall with motorcycles is a fantastic experience for our guests.

Time Travel in Mitarai

It’s the small harbor town situated in the middle of the Seto Inland Sea. Stroll through the streets,it feel like time stood still.A view from the top of the Park is excellent.This charming Edo period town is worth a visit.

It’s time for strawberry picking.

It is in season for sweet strawberries now.
Chiba prefecture is famous for Strawberries.You can find many Strawberry houses there.Let’s go strawberry picking by motorcycles.You can eat these strawberries as many as you like. Bon appetite!
One day tour is available from Tokyo.

Nanohanadai obsevatory- fantastic view of Mt.Fuji

If you want to see the beautiful Mt.Fuji,I would suggest to go to Yabitsu Toge pass in Tanzawa area.The route to Lake Yamanaka from Yabitsu Toge Pas via Doshi michi is the best route for half day riding from Tokyo.
Getting off at Hadano-nakai on Tomei expressway,you will find the road sign to R70 easily.Riding for a while, You will see the Yabittsu Pass in front of you.
Almost no traffic lights, you can enjoy nice winding road

Climb up the Yabirsu Pass for a while,there is the Nanohanadai observatory near the top.

Stop the bike and take a break here

You can see the big Mt.Fuji and Hakone’s fantastic

If you only have one day in Tokyo and want to see the beautiful Mt.Fuji with motorcycle, here is one of the best route.

Mt.Fuji view over Yokohama bay area

When I crossed Yokohama bay bridge,I always see the beautiful view.

It’s Mt.Fuji and Yokohama bay area view.

Surprisingly, we can see Mt.Fuji from different places in Japan.

It tells Mt.Fuji is Japan’s highest mountain and most loved mountain for Japanese people.