Winery Touring to Kofu

Kofu is located in a large natural basin surrounded by mountains on four sides with Mt. Fuji in the south.

Kofu is famous for the birthplace and center of Japanese wine production.
It is said to be first-rate in terms of both production volume and taste.

There are some good inns to enjoy the traditional Japanese cuisine and Japanese wine.

It’s about 1 hour ride from Tokyo. Including a nice Onsen and mountain view, it would be a wonderful ride.

Touring to Tono,a moutain town with mysterious atmosphere.

Tono is a rural town in the hills of central Iwate Prefecture in Tohoku region.

Here is best known as a repository of Japanese folklore due to its legends of spirits, animals and supernatural creatures.

Zashiki-warashi:It is said that they live in old houses and sometimes take the form of a child with bobbed hair.It is believed that families became wealthy, Zashiki-warashi lived in their homes.

Kappa : About the size of a child, they have a shell on their back, a dish on their head, webbed hands and feet, and a sharp, beak-like mouth.
live in Japan’s numerous rivers and streams, were created as warnings to keep children from drowning. And a pond behind Jogen-ji Temple”Kappa-Buchi” is said to be the place be able to meet them.

Tono is a mountain village with mysterious atmosphere. Its rustic landscapes,traditional farming culture,traditional,thatched roofed farmhouses.Time rolls by slowly and peacefully here.

Hokkaido Autumn Leaves Touring Day5 and Day6

Today we head to the Hoheikyo dam, riding through the superb view route “Jozankei lake Line”.This route is very comfortable with no traffic lights or traffic jam.The fantastic landscapes continues, forest green mountains, dark blue lakes and colorful foliage leaves.

About one hour riding, we reach at the Hoheikyo Dam .It’s surrounded by forest and high’s a must see! The views of the autumn leaves are spectacular.Hoheikyo Dam was voted as one of the top 100 waterside forests and is also one of the top 100 lake dams.And Hokkaido’s leading spot for autumn leaves.

I have enjoyed the early autumn leaves in Hokkaido. The magnificent natural landscape, delicious local meals and comfortable and homelike hotels and Ryokan Inns with Onsen.Especially meeting and riding with my friend in Hokkaido was fantastic. This inspection trip has finished successfully. We look forward to seeing you and riding with you in Hokkaido next year!!

Hokkaido Autumn Leaves Touring Day 4

Day 4 in Hokkaido
Lake Shiokotsu to Otaru
Today I started early in the morning.It’s so nice to ride along the lake Shikotsuko.

I headed to Yoichi Town to join the Nikka whisky factory tour .Yoichi is called “Japanese Scotland”. Nikka Whisky was build in 1934, Yoichi was the ideal place for Masataka Taketsuru’s whisky-making. He is the founder of Nikka and father of Japanese whisky. After the tour, I bought a lot of limited whiskeys at the shop by participating.

Then I rode along the Shakotan peninsula. It faces the Sea of Japan and has an amazing view with its unique color Shakotan blue.

Shakotan is also famous for the fresh raw seafood. I took Sushi lunch there.

From Iwanai town ,I headed to the Shinsen-numa Swamp by Niseko panorama line. It’s so nice to ride among the forest.Shinsen-numa Swamp is one of the best fall foliage in Hokkaido. The blue sky and the colored leaves reflected in the swamp was beautiful.

Hokkaido Autumn Leaves Touring Day 3

Day3 in Hokkaido
Asahikawa to lake Shikoku
Today I run with friend in Asahikawa. Riding through the local road.

Stopped at the “Sandantaki”-three tiered waterfall,one of the most beautiful spots for autumn leaves in Ashibetsu.

We took special lunch at Naganuma town. It’s called “Red donburi”, the big shrimp on top of a rice bowl. It tasted very nice.

Do not miss the autumn leaves in Hokkaido!

Autumn leaves start changing from the north, beginning in the middle of September in Hokkaido. Hokkaido is breathtakingly gorgeous in autumn.
Japan’s Earliest Autumn Colors in Sounkyo,Autumn-Filled Jozankei (Sapporo),Autumn Colors at the Blue Pond (Biei)and more…Why don’t you visit Beautiful Colored Hokkaido! Good season are limited, from Mid September to Mid November.We are accepting the 2021 Autumn Hokkaido tour now.

Introduce One Day Tour to the highland area to escape from the summer heat by motorcycle.

Riding lightly through the larch forest and passes through the mysterious forest at an altitude of 1,400m, you will reach the Shiraito Falls.You can fully enjoy the refreshing breeze of the highlands. Continue to Haruna Shrine, a spiritual power spot located in the verdant cedar woods of mount Haruna ,Lake Haruna and the atmospheric old town area of Ikaho.In summer, this area is 5 degrees cooler than Tokyo.Also the colored leaves season is beautiful.