Weekend Trip to Izu peninsula

Izu peninsula is a famous for its beautiful coastlines, mid climate and scenic mountainous interior.
Located about 100kilometers southwest of Tokyo and Mt.Fuji lies only about 50 kilometers to the north and can be viewed from the peninsula’s western coast.
It’s so fun to ride along the Izu Peninsula coastlines looking at the beautiful view.
One day trip is available from Tokyo.

Miura Peninsula Touring

Southern Kanagawa Prefecture’s Miura Peninsula,located quite near Tokyo is surrounded by mountains,seas and an abundance of nature. Also not to mention delectable food. This is a perfect destination for a day trip from Tokyo.

Exhibition at Kamakura town

I went to Kamakura town to see the Exhibition of the Japanese doll artist “Hiroshi Hori “. He is my friend’s brother and famous Japanese doll artist.
His graceful and fantastic world are highly acclaimed overseas, including France.