Mount Kitadake climbing

Mount Kitadake, the highest peak in the Southern Alps, stands as the second-highest mountain in Japan after Mount Fuji. The ascent to the summit is steep and demanding, requiring strong physical endurance.
However, it is renowned as one of the 100 flower mountains in Japan, and the hiking trail is adorned with alpine flora that soothes the soul.
I was blessed with good weather, and the view from the summit and the mountain hut was amazing.
The view of Mount Fuji from the summit of Mount Kitadake and the mountain hut was beautiful,
I could see various faces of Mount Fuji.

“Wonderful Memories from Our Malaysian Guests”

We received some fantastic photos from our Malaysian guests, whom we had the pleasure of riding this spring. They were wearing our company’s T-shirts and holding Tenugui (Japanese towel), capturing a memorable moment.

We can feel the warm nostalgia they have for their time in Japan.
We are truly grateful for their kind sentiments.

Being able to share such wonderful moments is a source of great joy for us.
Our connection with customers extends beyond business—it’s a precious opportunity to expand the horizons of our hearts.

We look forward to continuing to share incredible moments with all of you.
Thank you,Veneesia,Chai,Sam,Karen!

Hayama Coast Walk

Hayama town is a small coastal town with beautiful sea and mountain views, located just about an hour away from Tokyo.
During the summer, it is bustling with beachgoers. Why don’t we take a leisurely walk along the coastline, watching the yachts floating in the sea and stopping by the cafes and restaurants that line the shore? Taking time to relax in nature, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, can heal your mind and body.

“Tora Shokudo” famous Shirakawa ramen

From today, I will be staying in Nasu Kogen for two nights. For lunch, I went to “Tora Shokudo” in Shirakawa for their famous Shirakawa ramen. It’s a ramen shop located in a peaceful area with expansive rice fields away from the hustle and bustle. Despite it being past the lunchtime rush on a weekday, there was still a long line. 😄 I had their recommended Wonton Noodles, which were delicious with a light soy sauce flavor. Now that my stomach is satisfied, I’ll head to the accommodation.

Sake brewery with a 100-year history in Shirakawa

Before going to Nasu Kogen, I happened to come across a sake brewery in Shirakawa and decided to visit. Despite being a long-established brewery with a 100-year history, they humbly said, “We’re still inexperienced.” The “Junmai Daiginjo Senkoma” I purchased this time was refreshing, with a lingering sweetness from the rice. It was perfect for someone like me who enjoys Junmai sake. (Actually, I’m a certified sake taster 😊) No matter where you go in Japan, it’s amazing! Truly, it’s Beautiful Japan!

10 days Tohoku Tour

Customers : 4 people- 2 riders & 2 pillion passengers
Country : Malaysia

Touring course: Tokyo-Kinugawa-Sendai-Lake Tazawa-Sakata-
-Nozawa Onsen-Matsumoto-Gotenba-Tokyo
Total distance: 1785km

They are from Malaysia.They are the repeat customer.
It’s been six years since we last met.
This time we rode to Tohoku area to enjoy a true Japanese atmosphere.
They enjoy scenery, local food and good sake.
They said they will come again next year.
Their next tour will be from Kyoto to western Japan.

10 days Tohoku Tour report – day10 Gotenba to Toky

After spending two nights in Gotemba and enjoying plenty of shopping at the outlet, we found ourselves on the last day of our 10-day tour.
First, we headed to Lake Motosuko Resort to see the Shibazakura (moss phlox) and Mount Fuji. Unfortunately, Mount Fuji was hidden behind clouds, but the Shibazakura was in full bloom. Our guests Chai, Veneesia, Sam, and Karen wore our original Fun Ride Japan T-shirts and took commemorative photos. We are grateful for their thoughtfulness.
For lunch, we ate the famous local dish called “Hoto” at Lake Kawaguchiko. Then we set off towards Tokyo, bidding farewell to Mount Fuji, as if it were reluctant to let us go.
During the 10-day Tohoku tour, we had many enjoyable memories. We rode through the snow walls at Jododaira, rode the scorching 35-degree heat in Kofu, indulged in delicious local cuisine, and enjoyed shopping. Chai, Veneesia, Sam, and Karen, thank you so much. We made a promise to meet again next year. This time, we plan to tour the three islands of Shikoku and Kyushu. We look forward to it.
This trip has become a special memory for us. We were able to visit new places and spend quality time with wonderful companions, and we truly felt happiness in our hearts. We eagerly await the next adventure.

10 days Tohoku Tour report – day8 Matsumoto to Gotenba

We departed from Matsumoto City in Nagano Prefecture and leisurely made our way towards Shizuoka Prefecture on local roads. We didn’t have any plans to visit tourist attractions, so we enjoyed a leisurely tour while fulfilling Sam and Karen’s requests, such as buying a large carp-shaped windsock “Koinobori” and stopping by a Harley-Davidson shop.
As we entered Shizuoka Prefecture, the beautiful Mt. Fuji welcomed us. The weather was great today, and we could see magnificent views of Mt. Fuji here and there. The scenery in Shizuoka Prefecture was incredibly beautiful, and the sight of Mt. Fuji surrounded by its surroundings was truly breathtaking.
We decided to stay at a hotel near Gotemba Outlet for two nights. Tomorrow will be a full day of shopping. We plan to enjoy shopping and relieve stress as we explore the various stores. Gotemba Outlet is a famous shopping spot with a wide range of brand stores.
It looks like tomorrow will be a fulfilling day. We are looking forward to shopping and enjoying our time together. We will savor the charms of Shizuoka Prefecture and make unforgettable memories on this trip.