Climb Mt.Fuji

Let’s climb the Japan’s highest mountain! Mt.Fuji is with 3776 meters Japan’s highest mountain and the nearly perfectly shaped volcano.It has been worshiped as a sacred mountain.

There are 4 main trails leading up to the summit. Let’s start from Yoshida trail.Here is the most popular and the most easily accessible 5th Station from the Fuji Five Lake region and central Tokyo.

Subaru Line gate at Yoshida route

Take a body temperature check and pay the entrance fee at the gate,let’s start climbing!

From the 5th station to the 6th station, the slightly uphill continues.

.But from the 6th station to the 8th station,very tight uphill continues.Just like”Rock climbing”.You must to be tough!

It takes about 5 to 7 hours to climb up to the summit.
The view from the summit is just amazing!

At the summit, there are shrines.Pray there and receive the shrine’s seal as a stamp to commemorate their visit.

Take a photo at the “Kengamine” altitude at 3776m, the top of Mt.Fuji.You can say you peached the top on Mt.Fuji.

Then do the “Ohachi Meguri” It means that moving around the crater on the top of Mt.Fuji.
You see powerful crater and the prospect superb. This is the best attractive event of climbing Mt.Fuji! So you can feel satisfactions reached the top when you see that.

It’s nice to stay at the huts on Mt.Fuji.
Early in the morning, wait for “Goraikou”sunrise on the mountain top and be stunned by the view of golden hue brightly reflected on clouds.

Climb Mt.Fuji will be a fantastic experience to you!

Please be reminded, at 3776m/12,388ft the climb up Mt. Fuji is characterized by serious elevation gain, you should be properly prepared for with proper equipment.

Half day trip to Boso Peninsula

Take 10:20 ferry from Kurihama port (Kanagawa Prefecture)and let’s go for a half day trip to Boso Peninsula.

First we go to Tomiura town to have seafood barbecue.Here is famous for freshly caught seafood especially shellfish.Oyster,Scallops,Turban shell…”Hamayakiya” is a restaurant for all you can eat buffet.We can enjoy a nice buffet only ¥2,950!!

After lunch we go for the hillside cliff-temple”Gakekannon”. The red colored temple on the cliff is so beautiful and the panoramic view of Tateyama from there is fantastic.

The last place of this trip is “Nojimasaki Light house”,also known as the Hakucho (Swan) Lighthouse.Located on Boso Peninsula’s southern tip and a great place for viewing the sunset.

We take 16:30 ferry to back to Kurihama port.If you have half day off, how about going on a half day trip?

Himakajima Island

For the short break of the motorbike tour,
leave your bike and let’s visit the small island.

Himakajima is located on the east side of the Chita Peninsula south of Nagoya.
It takes just 10 minutes by ferry

The total area of the island is 0.77 square kilometers and population is just over 2,000.
Himakajima is attracting people who come for the remote feel and excellent seafood.

Especially the island’s speciality is “Octopus”.
We can see the octopus things everywhere in the island, welcome Octopus monument at the ferry terminal,Octopus dishes,Octopus cookie…

Even the residential police box(Chuzaisho) is in the shape of an octopus on Himakajima island.


One day Sakura Cherry blossoms Touring

In April,Japan transforms into a wonderland of pink.Sakura Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom everywhere.Let’s ride to enjoy the cherry blossoms in full bloom by motorcycles.Start from Tokyo to Odawara city first.Over 300 cherry blossom trees flourish around Odawara castle. White castle and pink Cherry blossoms are so fantastic.Then go to Hakone area.You can see the beautiful Sakura Cherry Blossoms Tunnel on the Hakone Turnpike road.Head to Kawaguchiko area, you may take a nice photo with Mt.Fuji and Sakura Cherry blossoms with your bike.One day tour is available from Tokyo.

A heartwarming message

Thank you for your kind words.
I’ve got a heartwarming message from our guest.
It took two months to reach him due to the postal problems.
Your words encourage me.
I really look forward to seeing you when the pandemic is over.
I’m ready!

Winery Touring to Kofu

Kofu is located in a large natural basin surrounded by mountains on four sides with Mt. Fuji in the south.

Kofu is famous for the birthplace and center of Japanese wine production.
It is said to be first-rate in terms of both production volume and taste.

There are some good inns to enjoy the traditional Japanese cuisine and Japanese wine.

It’s about 1 hour ride from Tokyo. Including a nice Onsen and mountain view, it would be a wonderful ride.