Irori dinner

I had dinner in a small old Japanese restaurant near my house.
In winter a hearth is constructed in the floor, it’s Irori.
It is usually located in the center of the living room of old farmhouses.
It’s good to sit around the fire and have some Japanese dishes with Sake.

Hatsumoude.The new year’s visit to a shrine

On the new year’s day right after I heared Joya-no-kane,the bells of New Year’s Eve,I visited a shrine in my hometown.

I threw ten yen coin in the offertory box,rung bells,two bows, two claps, made wishes and one bow. That is the way we pray at the shrine.

I wished the new year for health, happiness, and so on.

May this year be a great one!

5 days Venus Line Tour

Customers : 8 people- 4 riders & 4 pillion passengers
Country : Malaysia

Touring course: Tokyo-Izu Peninsula-Venus Line-Matsumoto-Takayama-
-Mt.Fuji 5th station-lake kawaguchi-Tokyo
Total distance: 1000km

They are from Malaysia,4 riders with 4 pillion passengers on back.
Customers visited Japan at the first time.
This is their 10th wedding anniversary tour.They enjoyed everything they have experience in Japan. Last night on tour, we celebrated their anniversary with anniversary cake.They came to like Japan and they said they will back to japan next year.

Carl and Lucy

Thank you so much for arranging our little tour, the ryokan was fantastic. And the mountains were fun for us. We will definitely book another tour next visit.


Amazing 3 day mountain ride
Wow, what an amazing three days of spectacular scenery. Yukiko and Yoshi are excellent hosts who know exactly where to go and when to stop to help you get the most out of your experience. They were also eager to share cultural insights along the tour and were very flexible in arranging a custom route. I highly recommend Fun Ride Japan.

Neil & Lorraine

Mount Fuji brilliant ride

Fist time in Japan had the best tour guide ever she was so helpful spoke very good English and took us on a great experience.Went on a fantastic ride up to mount Fuji breathtaking views interduce us to onsens and the traditional Japanees traditions ways it was wonderful.I would recommend this tour to any rider it’s was very professional organised we hired a Honda goldwing through the tour guide and enjoyed every twist and turn on the mountain roads and made two very goods friends.

5days Venus Line Tour

Customers : 6 people from Hong Kong

Touring course: Tokyo-Izu Peninsula-Hakone-Venus Line-Matsumoto-Takayama-Mt.Yokote-Kusatsu-Tokyo
Total distance: 980km

They are from Hong Kong,1 female and 5 male rider.
Customers visited Japan several times.
They wanted to enjoy Sakura Cherry blossoms, so we selected the Hanami points.
When we reached the Mt.Yokte,they were happy to see the snow walls.

14 days Enjoy live Japan with motorcycle tour

Customers : 7 Italian and 1 Rumania

Touring course: Tokyo-Izu Peninsula-Hakone- Kyoto- Shikoku island-Kurashiki-Shimane -Tottori-Ishikawa-Noto Peninsula-Hida Takayama- Matsumoto- Fuji five lakes- Tokyo
Total distance: 2800km

They are the group of Italian motorbike club.
Customers visited Japan at the first time.
We selected mix of landscape, sightseeing spots for their route to feel Japanese culture, history and nature.
We stayed at Kyoto for 3 nights.
We selected unique accommodations.It is a renovated old, Japanese-style home.

Rough price per person with eight people :¥440,000 excludes Motorcycle rental fee
(Prices subject to change depending on lodging fees and number of participants. In case of eight or less participants, price will be higher)
Motorcycle rental fee(sample) : NC750X-DCT ¥179,900

For further details,please contact us.

I was featured in a magazine ” CROISSANT ” published by Magazine house.


I was featured in a magazine ” CROISSANT ” published by Magazine house.
It was written,
While riding to all corners of Japan and I realized anew what a beautiful country Japan is.
And I though I’d like to share the charm of Japan to people all over the world through motorcycle riding.
“A fantastic motorcycle ride for foreigners visiting Japan.” Under this vision, FUN RIDE JAPAN was established.