10 days Tohoku Tour

Customers : 4 people- 2 riders & 2 pillion passengers
Country : Malaysia

Touring course: Tokyo-Kinugawa-Sendai-Lake Tazawa-Sakata-
-Nozawa Onsen-Matsumoto-Gotenba-Tokyo
Total distance: 1785km

They are from Malaysia.They are the repeat customer.
It’s been six years since we last met.
This time we rode to Tohoku area to enjoy a true Japanese atmosphere.
They enjoy scenery, local food and good sake.
They said they will come again next year.
Their next tour will be from Kyoto to western Japan.

Sado Island

Sadogashima island lies off the coast of Niigata Prefecture and the biggest island in Japan.
You can find a lot of exeiting places to ride.such as  beautiful coast lines, rustic sleepy fishing villages, seaside lots of strangely shaped rocks, windy mountain roads.
And also Sado-Gashima Island has an interesting history. Its culture can be seen in its unique traditional arts and entertainment.

Sado Island

Sado Island is a wild and beautiful remote island and one of Japan’s largest islands.
It has an interesting history.Go to see the unique traditional culture and nature.

Arrived at Ogi port by ferry.
It took about 1hour30 minutes from Naoetsu port in  Niigata Prefecture.

First of all I rode on Route 45 from Nanaura Coast to Senkaku Bay to see a beautiful coast line. Route 45 is Sado Round Road.

Passing a rustic sleepy fishing village

I arrived Sado Kinzan Gold Mine.It was the most productive mine in Japan in Edo Period. I enjoyed an attraction.

Then I rode up to north.

On Route 45, I enjoyed a variety of riding.Riding along a seaside lots of strangely shaped rocks climing up a windy mountain road

continued an interesting road………There is rich nature there.
A few mile to Oonokame.

It’s so beautiful in summer to bloom yellow flower everywhere.Then I continued to ride for south.Arrived at Ryoutu port.

It’s the other side of Ogi port where I’ve arrived

Sado island touring is available from Tokyo including Noto Peninsula  and Kanazawa area.

This tour is good for summer and fall.

Rough Price :490,000 yen per person.(400~800cc bikes)
7 days Basic tour included rental bikes and insurance

For further details,please contact us.