Tokushima Noodle factory

Get off the Tokushima expressway at Mima IC

Continue to go to a Noodle Factory in the mountain.
No signboard displayed!
It’s difficult to find it.
After 30
minutes ride along the mountain road,
finally managed to reach the Mishima Seimenjo Noodle Factory.

DSC04227No sign board!

-Here is the entrance-
-Here is a menu on a front door-

An old woman is making  delicious noodles there.


“Hiya”- cold noodle

There are only 2 menu.
Hot or cold.
If you would like to order hot noodles,say “Atsu”.
Take it with Soy sauce  and chopped green onion.
It’s so delicious!
It’s only ¥140.
Can you believe?

“GO-CHI-SOH-SA-MA”(Thanks for the meal!)



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