5 days Venus Line Tour

date : May 25(FRI) to 29(TUE) 2018

Customers : 8 people- 4 riders & 4 pillion passengers
Country : Malaysia

Touring course: Tokyo-Izu Peninsula-Venus Line-Matsumoto-Takayama-
-Mt.Fuji 5th station-lake kawaguchi-Tokyo
Total distance: 1000km

They are from Malaysia,4 riders with 4 pillion passengers on back.
Customers visited Japan at the first time.
This is their 10th wedding anniversary tour.They enjoyed everything they have experience in Japan. Last night on tour, we celebrated their anniversary with anniversary cake.They came to like Japan and they said they will back to japan next year.


Fantastic trip away from the cities up in the mountains. Lots of curvy roads, and experiences that the typical tourist will not get to see. I was going to go solo while my wife was at a conference in Yokohama, but Fun Ride was able to find another couple from Australia to go along on the same schedule. This made a terrific ride even better!

Yukiko did a great job as our guide. Each day’s ride was just the right duration, and was capped off with a unique ryokan & onsen experience and an introduction to local cuisine. We even got to enjoy a wonderful evening street festival at our stop in Kusatsu-Machi. Yukiko was very patient with us – answering all of our questions and giving us an introduction to Japanese culture.

If you come from a country that drives on the right side of the road, I highly recommend following a guide. I would have been in big trouble 2-3 times each day if left to follow my right-hand instincts!

If I’m ever able to return, I would definitely take another tour with Fun Ride Japan.

5days Venus Line Tour

date : April 23(Mon) to 27(FRI) 2018

Customers : 6 people from Hong Kong

Touring course: Tokyo-Izu Peninsula-Hakone-Venus Line-Matsumoto-Takayama-Mt.Yokote-Kusatsu-Tokyo
Total distance: 980km

They are from Hong Kong,1 female and 5 male rider.
Customers visited Japan several times.
They wanted to enjoy Sakura Cherry blossoms, so we selected the Hanami points.
When we reached the Mt.Yokte,they were happy to see the snow walls.

14 days Enjoy live Japan with motorcycle tour

date : April 8(Sun) to 21(Sat) 2018

Customers : 7 Italian and 1 Rumania

Touring course: Tokyo-Izu Peninsula-Hakone- Kyoto- Shikoku island-Kurashiki-Shimane -Tottori-Ishikawa-Noto Peninsula-Hida Takayama- Matsumoto- Fuji five lakes- Tokyo
Total distance: 2800km

They are the group of Italian motorbike club.
Customers visited Japan at the first time.
We selected mix of landscape, sightseeing spots for their route to feel Japanese culture, history and nature.
We stayed at Kyoto for 3 nights.
We selected unique accommodations.It is a renovated old, Japanese-style home.

Rough price per person with eight people :¥440,000 excludes Motorcycle rental fee
(Prices subject to change depending on lodging fees and number of participants. In case of eight or less participants, price will be higher)
Motorcycle rental fee(sample) : NC750X-DCT ¥179,900

For further details,please contact us.

Bob & Dean

USER’S VOICE * Fantastic weekend riding – “Snow walls”

Bob and Dean
April 23rd and 24th 2016
Fantastic weekend riding into the mountains to see the “snow walls”. Perfect timing…..still enough snow but warm enough to not need any cold weather riding gear! Yukiko knows how to set up a tour! Great route, great food, and a fantastic Hotel/Onsen to spend the night at!
Bob5 Bob4

Model Course – 5 Days Venus Line – Soak in Japanese Alps views

This course is full of great motorcycle roads and ample hot springs.
Soak in the views at Mt.Fuji, Tateshina, Hida-Takayama and Shiga-Kogen.
Enjoy the beautiful Japanese Alps views, the Japanese culture and relax at Japan’s most famous Onsen.

Let’s enjoy Japan on two wheels!

A course that takes you to the 2nd best motorcycle route in Japan with the beautiful Japanese Alps views. Enjoy the Japanese food and culture and relax at Onsen – hot spring.
Venus Line Route is the 2nd best motorcycle route in Japan. Continue reading Model Course – 5 Days Venus Line – Soak in Japanese Alps views

Snow walls & Kusatu Onsen(Hot springs)Touring

Enjoy Snow Walls to Shinshu Area.

Take the Kanetu Expressway & Joshinetu Expressway and got off at Shinshu-Nakano IC then went ahead through Shiga-Kusatsu Road.Cherry Blossoms are in season there and still beautiful.

Ride along the snowy landscape mountain road,

at last we cloud reach the beautiful Snow Walls.

It’s about a half tall as usual due to  warm winter weather , but I was satisfied to see the white and high walls.   Here is an unforgettable place I saw once.

Then I pass the highest point of National Route  

I reached Kusatsu Onsen hot springs. It’s one of Japan’s most famous hot spring resorts. I visited Yubatake(The hot water field, the symbol of Kusatsu.),

saw Yumomi Performance(Traditional way to cool down hot spring water)

I enjoyed  high quality hot spring. It’s so relaxing! Feeling so good with air and scenery in Shinshu touring!

Rough Price: 145,000 yen per person.(400~800cc bikes)
Two days Basic tour included rental bikes and insurance

For further details,please contact us.