User’s Voice-Autumn touring to Mt.Fuji.

Our customer is from the Stats.
This is the two days touring.
Day 1
Tokyo Odaiba – Miura peninsula- fresh seafood lunch at Jogashima Island- Odawara Castle- Izu Peninsulastay at Ito Onsen

Day 2

Mr.Bo  Great tour! Thanks for being gracious hosts!


Andrea & Shu


5th December 2015

Our Tour to Miura Peninsula with 5members.

We visited Jogashima island for fresh Maguro tuna lunch across the bridge. We can see the beautiful view of Mt.Fuji from there. It’s splendid! After riding along the coastline,we visited Kannon-zaki Point, in the southern part of the Miura Peninsula.From there we can see the cluster of high-rise buildings in the distance. We had a good time with nice view,food and talking.

Andrea : It’s always fun, looking forward to the next one.
Shu : Thanks for today. Sky,view,food and special band, everything was great.

Izu Peninsula

The Izu Peninsula is a popular riding area among the city riders around Tokyo due to the beautiful coastlines, beaches, mild climate,scenic mountainous interior and hot springs.Especially the beautiful coastlines with Mt. Fuji views are splendid.The water is glistening in the sunlight and the clear skies prevail.The winding mountain road ahead of us continued endlessly.
You can enjoy a fresh seafood at the fisherman’s village.

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Bob & Andrea

User’s Voice

Autumn touring to Izu Peninsula with 12members

On a warm and nice day for riding, we 12 members rode toward to Izu Peninsula.  We enjoyed to  ride along the nice coastline,we stopped at the small fisherman’s village for lunch. After lunch we entered to the mountain side.
The loop bridge is fun to try.

Bob : Great ride with Yukiko! An absolutely beautiful November day here in Japan, a great group of riders and we rode the famous Loop Bridge again! The fresh Lobster for lunch wasn’t bad either!
Andrea : Thanks for was really fun!

Model Course – 7 Days Center of Japan

Let’s enjoy Japan on two wheels!
It is really rich in variety with a lot of famous resort areas around Tokyo. We stay at an excellent Japanese inn with a Tatami room and Seaside Pension with a friendly atmosphere. Lake side Hotel, Minshuku “民宿” – a family operated Japanese style bed and breakfast inn.

Bask in the views at Mt.Fuji, Izu coastline and the Japanese Alps.
Enjoy the beautiful views, the Japanese culture and relax at an Onsen hot spring.

スクリーンショット 2015-11-22 12.33.13 Continue reading Model Course – 7 Days Center of Japan

Model Course – 5 Days Venus Line – Soak in Japanese Alps views

This course is full of great motorcycle roads and ample hot springs.
Soak in the views at Mt.Fuji, Tateshina, Hida-Takayama and Shiga-Kogen.
Enjoy the beautiful Japanese Alps views, the Japanese culture and relax at Japan’s most famous Onsen.

Let’s enjoy Japan on two wheels!

A course that takes you to the 2nd best motorcycle route in Japan with the beautiful Japanese Alps views. Enjoy the Japanese food and culture and relax at Onsen – hot spring.
Venus Line Route is the 2nd best motorcycle route in Japan. Continue reading Model Course – 5 Days Venus Line – Soak in Japanese Alps views