2days tour-Autumn touring to Mt.Fuji

Autumn touring to Mt.Fuji.
This is a 2 days tour for our customer from the States.
1st day (coast side riding)
Tokyo -Jogashima Island – Miura Peninsula- Seisho Bypass – Odawara Castle – Izu peninsula- Ito Onsen
Lunch: Maguro Tuna fish at Jogashima island
Stay : Ito Onsen Ryokan Inn.
2nd day (mountain side riding)
Izu sky line – Jukoku Toge Pass – Hakone Shrine – Owakudani volcano  – Fuji five lakes road – Fuji subaru Line road – Mt.Fuji 5th station.
Lunch : Hoto noodle (Local specialties) at Kawaguchi lake
We enjoyed Japanese culture,winding road and the beautiful scenery.
Now is the best season for Autumn leaves at Mt.Fuji, so we climbed up to the 5th station by the motorcycles.


total distance from Tokyo 500km
rough price per person with five people : ¥105,000 (bike-Honda NC750X-DCT-LD)

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