Japanese Lucky Charms “Omamori”.

Lucky charms or talismans sold at Shrines and Temples are called O-mamori in Japanese.
Mamori means protection.
They are believed that they provide us various forms of luck or protection.
You can find various luck charms at Omamori booth in the shrines and the Temples.





For example
勝守  “katsumori”  =Success Talisman
厄除け “yakuyoke”  =Ward Away Evil Amulet,
商売繁盛  “shoubaihanjou”  =Money Talisman,
交通安全  “koutsuanzen”  =Traffic Safety Amulet,
縁結び  “enmusubi”  =Love Talisman,
開運  “kaiun”  =Luck-Boosting Talisman,
幸せ  “shiawase”  =Happiness Amulet.
It’s also a good souvenir for you. Go to a Omamori booth and choose yours.

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