Shichi-go-san – a day for cute boys and girls

From the early November, we have chances to see so many cute young boys and girls dressed in Kimono flood in Japan. That is Shichi-Go-San. November 15th is the day for “Shichi-Go-San”. ”Shichi-Go-San” means “7-5-3”. On that day,for boys who reach the age of 3 or 5, or for girls who turn 3 or 7 years old go to the shrine nearby their house and pray for their growth. In the Heian Period,court nobles celebrated the growth of infants into healthy boys and girls and in the Edo period this practice spread to commoners. Boys and girls carry Chitose-ame which are long thin candy sticks colored in red. it is the symbols of long life and believed to bring good luck.
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