8 Day Hokkaido Tour

Day 1 – Chitose

Welcome to Japan.Transfer from the airport to the hotel and begin your Hokkaido motorcycle tour with an overnight stay in Chitose. Meet your guide for a welcome meeting this evening at the hotel.You may like to head out for a local Japanese dinner with your travel companions.
Please note, no arrival transfer is included in Chitose.Please take your own way to the joining hotel.

Day 2 – Chitose via Erimo Cape to Tokachigawa

310 kilometers/ 192 miles

Today we set off on day 1 of the tour. Riding along the coastline to visit the Nikappu racing horse farm to meet the cute horses.We also visit the tip of Hokkaido “Cape Erimo”.You may feel its dramatic ocean views, mysterious fog, and wild winds. We have Erimo’s famous seafood lunch here which is freshly caught from the ocean.Enjoy the beautiful coast line along the “Ogon road”(Golden line).We stay at the Hokkaido heritage Tokachigawa Onsen.Taking a hot spring at the end of the day makes you relax.

Day3 – Tokachigawa to Shiretoko

330 kilometers / 206 miles

Today we start to ride to the mysterious lakes Onneto and Mashu. Riding in the Akan-Mashu national park to the Kaiyodai Observatory to see the horizon where you can feel the roundness of the earth.Have a coffee break here.We visit the long lasting road Milk road.We cross the Shiretoko Pass along the winding road, we reach the World heritage Shiretoko, it’s one of Japan’s most beautiful and unspoiled national parks. You might meet a Ezo red fox”Kita- Kitsune”.

Day 4 – Shiretoko to Monbetsu

227kilometers / 142miles

Today we start to walk the boardwalks at the world Natural Heritage Site Shiretoko five lakes, meet the bears and deers. riding along the lakes and visit the fantastic places”the road to the heaven” and “the rustic station near the sea”.

Day 5 – Monbetsu to Haboro

380kilometers /236miles

We go up north to the most northern point in Japan “Soya Cape”,then go down along the scenic road Ororon line.Coast line, mountain road,up and down, the view changes little by little.We visit the Esanuka line,the National Wildlife Protection Area”Sarobetsu moor” and “Otonrui Wind Power Factory” Windmill 3.1 km North-South across all 28 based aisle.We start at the small fishing village.

Day 6 – Haboro to Nukabira

245 kilometers/ 152 miles

Today we ride along the mountain side. All road are fantastic. Especially Sounkyo’s narrow gorge flanked by 100 meter high, forested cliffs and the panoramic view of Mikuni-toge pass from height of 1,139m are the best part.But you have to be careful of running out of gas due to the difficulty to find the gas station in this route.Stay Mukabira Onsen today. 100% pure hot spring with thick texture is so relaxing.

Day 7 – Nukabira to Asahikawa

393 kilometers / 244 miles

Today we come back to the towns in the center of Hokkaido.After we visit the famous shrine,special for the motorcycle safety to pray for safety riding and get the Amulet. Furano is famous for its picturesque rural landscapes.We visit the lavender fields,also visit the blue pond.Its deep blue color is mysterious.We stop at the Melon farm to have delicious Melon. We stay at Asahikawa city,the island’s second largest city after Sapporo.Let’s go out to downtown for dinner.

Day 8 – Asahikawa to Chitose

200 kilometers / 124 miles

Today is the last day of the tour. We ride back to the secondary road again. Shuparo lake has the light milky blue color and a very relaxing place.Yubari is old Japan town and famous for melon and movie. Go back to Chitose town through the forests and finish the tour. Less traffic and traffic light in Hokkaido.Enjoy the stress free riding. Thank you for the grate nature land Hokkaido.

Best season : Mid June to Mid October
Tour price per person for 4 or more people
: ¥637,500~ (around 400~700cc rental bike)
in case of bigger bikes,tour fee will be higher.

For further details, please contact us.