14 days Enjoy live Japan with motorcycle tour

Customers : 7 Italian and 1 Rumania

Touring course: Tokyo-Izu Peninsula-Hakone- Kyoto- Shikoku island-Kurashiki-Shimane -Tottori-Ishikawa-Noto Peninsula-Hida Takayama- Matsumoto- Fuji five lakes- Tokyo
Total distance: 2800km

They are the group of Italian motorbike club.
Customers visited Japan at the first time.
We selected mix of landscape, sightseeing spots for their route to feel Japanese culture, history and nature.
We stayed at Kyoto for 3 nights.
We selected unique accommodations.It is a renovated old, Japanese-style home.

Rough price per person with eight people :¥440,000 excludes Motorcycle rental fee
(Prices subject to change depending on lodging fees and number of participants. In case of eight or less participants, price will be higher)
Motorcycle rental fee(sample) : NC750X-DCT ¥179,900

For further details,please contact us.

13days “Cherry blossoms touring”

Customers : a couple from Germany.
Touring course: Kanagawa-Izu Peninsula-Hakone- Kyoto- Shikoku island-Kurashiki-Shimane -Tottori-Ishikawa-Noto Peninsula-
Hida Takayama- Matsumoto- Fuji five lakes- Kanagawa
Total distance: 2700km

We selected hotels and restaurants suite for them.
We also arrange before and after touring accommodations and tours.
They ordered one year ago and we mailed so many times each other.

Noto Peninsula- Morning market & Zen Temple

Riding  along the coast,
Reache to Wajima’s Morning Market (Asaichi in Japanese).
The street is lined with vendors selling various goods.IMGP6634

It’s a fun time to talk with an elderly woman who sold her goods from local farm.IMGP6633

Take a rest at Wagashi(Japanese confectionery)shop.IMGP6636

Visite Sojiji Temple.
It was founded in 1321,and was once one of the most important temples of
Zen Buddhism in all of Japan.

Take a walk in a quiet temple.
Silence reigned in it.

 Zen dojo (training hall).


I’ve go Goshuin.IMG_0787


Rough Price :490,000 yen per person.(400~800cc bikes)
7 days Basic tour included rental bikes and insurance:

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Noto Peninsula touring

Noto Peninsula is known for its coastal scenery and rural atmosphere.

Started from Naoetsu port.Passing through Niigata Prefecture and Toyama Prefecture,finally I reached up to Noto Peninsula,Ishikawa Prefecture.

I crossed the Notoshima-oohashi Bridge and enjoyed a sleepy fishing village in  Notojima Island.

Then I went up to Suzu Area,quiet rural view


Riding along a coastal line,I found something to attract their interest,it’s a unique Salt Farm!

Salt was made from the ocean by spreading seawater on fields by the traditional way. It was so interesting!

On the way to Wajima City,I found one more attractive view.It’s Senmaida. a hillside of terraced rice fields along the Sea of Japan.

This is an image originating in the Japanese mind.

Noto Peninsula touring is available from Tokyo including Sado Island and Kanazawa area.

This tour is good for summer and fall.

Rough Price : 490,000 yen per person.(400~800cc bikes)
7 days Basic tour included rental bikes and insurance:

For further details,please contact us.