Noto Peninsula touring

Noto Peninsula is known for its coastal scenery and rural atmosphere.

Started from Naoetsu port.Passing through Niigata Prefecture and Toyama Prefecture,finally I reached up to Noto Peninsula,Ishikawa Prefecture.

I crossed the Notoshima-oohashi Bridge and enjoyed a sleepy fishing village in  Notojima Island.

Then I went up to Suzu Area,quiet rural view


Riding along a coastal line,I found something to attract their interest,it’s a unique Salt Farm!

Salt was made from the ocean by spreading seawater on fields by the traditional way. It was so interesting!

On the way to Wajima City,I found one more attractive view.It’s Senmaida. a hillside of terraced rice fields along the Sea of Japan.

This is an image originating in the Japanese mind.

Noto Peninsula touring is available from Tokyo including Sado Island and Kanazawa area.

This tour is good for summer and fall.

Rough Price : 490,000 yen per person.(400~800cc bikes)
7 days Basic tour included rental bikes and insurance:

For further details,please contact us.


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