Autumn touring to Izu Peninsula with 12members

Touring to Izu Peninsula with 12 members. It’s a warm and nice day for touring.
We started from the Parking area by the sea and riding along the coastline.

The water is glistening in the sunlight and the clear skies of autumn prevail.
600_444364541After enjoying to ride along the nice coastline,we stopped at the small fisherman’s village for lunch. The owner of the restaurant is a fisherman so we can have good and fresh fish dish there.

600_444364549 600_444364557We took a good shot at the port town.
IMG_1846After lunch we entered to the mountain side.
The loop bridge is fun to try.
IMG_1853The winding mountain road ahead of us continued endlessly. We divided into two groups,speed maniac and not.
We met at the last meeting point and enjoyed a conversation for a while.


total distance from Tokyo 3000km
rough price per person with five people : ¥48,700 (bike-Honda NC750X-DCT-LD)

For further details,please contact us.