Beautiful Autumn color touring in Nagano and Gunma prefecture

We Japanese love to enjoy beautiful Koyo, it is a colorful leaves in autumn.
Now it is the best season for it in Japan.
So let’s go to enjoy it by Motorcycles!

Start from Tokyo to Suwa-minami in Nagano Prefecture by the Chuo express way.
Nagano prefecture is in the center of Honshu, belonging to the Chubu Region.It is a mountainous and landlocked prefecture,famous for the Japanese Alps.

Venus Line Road is the famous road for Japanese riders for its scenic beauty. The way to the Shirakabako Lake, we stop at the Menokami Observatory.
IMG_1449 (1)

Here is a superb view point to get a full view of Mt.Yatsugatake and the South Japanese Alps. You may be deeply moved by it spreading out before your eyes.

We also stop at the Shirakoma Pond. It’s one of the beautiful lake located in North Yatsugatake mountain. The altitude of the lake is about 2,100m from the sea level that is the highest lake located in Japan. It has a beautiful subalpine nature with moss of the forest. It is also beautiful Koyo spot.

スクリーンショット 2015-10-09 12.32.09

We run the Kurumayama plateau and Utukushigahara highland.  Utukushigahara means “Beautiful Field”. We can see the 360-degree panorama view of Mt. Asama to the east, the Japanese Alps to the north and west, and Mt. Fuji to the south. It is truly spectacular.

After enjoying mountainous riding we go to visit the Zenkoji Temple in Nagano city.

It’s  one of the most important and popular temples in Japan. After praying,don’t forget to get the Goshuin. It is the vermillion colored stamp of the official seal from the temples and shrines. It may be a good souvenir for you.

Let’s visit another small town Obuse in northern Nagano Prefecture.

This small town is famous for the pretty town center and the woodblock painter “Hokusai” who is best known for his Ukiyo-e woodblock print , and also for the Chestnut. So after exploring the street,how about to take a Chestnut rice for lunch?  It’s so tasty.

From Nakano to Kusatu-onsen, we run another beautiful scenic road.  It’s in the Shigakogen plateau.

While running to the Mt.Shirane, we can see the beautiful autumn colors.
スクリーンショット 2015-10-09 12.55.09

From the top of the Yokoteyama point, we can see the beautiful red, orange and yellow colored Japanese autumn leaves.
It’s splendid!
This tour is 4days tour. We stay  at Tateshina , Hakuba and Kusatsu with
a Onsen( hot spring).

Rough Price : 216,900yen per person.(400~800cc bikes)
    Four days Basic tour included rental bikes and insurance:

For further details,please contact us.