Snow walls & Kusatu Onsen(Hot springs)Touring

Enjoy Snow Walls to Shinshu Area.

Take the Kanetu Expressway & Joshinetu Expressway and got off at Shinshu-Nakano IC then went ahead through Shiga-Kusatsu Road.Cherry Blossoms are in season there and still beautiful.

Ride along the snowy landscape mountain road,

at last we cloud reach the beautiful Snow Walls.

It’s about a half tall as usual due to  warm winter weather , but I was satisfied to see the white and high walls.   Here is an unforgettable place I saw once.

Then I pass the highest point of National Route  

I reached Kusatsu Onsen hot springs. It’s one of Japan’s most famous hot spring resorts. I visited Yubatake(The hot water field, the symbol of Kusatsu.),

saw Yumomi Performance(Traditional way to cool down hot spring water)

I enjoyed  high quality hot spring. It’s so relaxing! Feeling so good with air and scenery in Shinshu touring!

Rough Price: 145,000 yen per person.(400~800cc bikes)
Two days Basic tour included rental bikes and insurance

For further details,please contact us.


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