10 days Tohoku Tour report – day10 Gotenba to Toky

After spending two nights in Gotemba and enjoying plenty of shopping at the outlet, we found ourselves on the last day of our 10-day tour.
First, we headed to Lake Motosuko Resort to see the Shibazakura (moss phlox) and Mount Fuji. Unfortunately, Mount Fuji was hidden behind clouds, but the Shibazakura was in full bloom. Our guests Chai, Veneesia, Sam, and Karen wore our original Fun Ride Japan T-shirts and took commemorative photos. We are grateful for their thoughtfulness.
For lunch, we ate the famous local dish called “Hoto” at Lake Kawaguchiko. Then we set off towards Tokyo, bidding farewell to Mount Fuji, as if it were reluctant to let us go.
During the 10-day Tohoku tour, we had many enjoyable memories. We rode through the snow walls at Jododaira, rode the scorching 35-degree heat in Kofu, indulged in delicious local cuisine, and enjoyed shopping. Chai, Veneesia, Sam, and Karen, thank you so much. We made a promise to meet again next year. This time, we plan to tour the three islands of Shikoku and Kyushu. We look forward to it.
This trip has become a special memory for us. We were able to visit new places and spend quality time with wonderful companions, and we truly felt happiness in our hearts. We eagerly await the next adventure.