Kyoto Sake Tour!

Fushimi, Kyoto, is one of Japan’s three major sake brewing areas, known for its long history of abundant pure water and thriving sake production. In Fushimi, where 18 sake breweries of various sizes are crowded together, I enjoyed sake brewery hopping while savoring delicious sake and Japanese cuisine. For lunch, we dined at a Japanese sake restaurant renovated from a brewery of the famous brand, “Gekkeikan.” Then, at the sake brewery counter called “Fushimi Sakagura koji,” we enjoyed tasting sake from all 18 breweries and limited edition sake. Fushimi is a small town, so you can leisurely explore while enjoying the history, culture, and delicious sake of the breweries. It was an irresistible time for sake lovers! 🍶🌸 #Kyoto #SakeTour #JapaneseSake #Fushimi”

Touring the tranquil islands of the Seto Inland Sea

Touring the tranquil islands of the Seto Inland Sea is one of my absolute favorites.
Especially visiting the small islands along the Shimanami Kaido and Tobishima Kaido, it’s a time of pure tranquility for me.
Riding my motorcycle amidst the serene landscapes of these islands, feeling the local life, it’s a pleasure beyond words.
Crossing the beautiful bridges connecting the islands, occasionally hopping onto a small boat, each island becomes a new adventure.
There, you find untouched scenery, reminiscent of old times, unspoiled by tourism.
Seto Inland Sea touring is a series of unforgettable moments etched deep in the heart.

Tono Dobekko Festival!

I finally participated in the long-awaited Tono Dobekko Festival! Tono City in Iwate Prefecture has been known for its home-brewed cloudy sake called “doburoku,” designated as a special district for it. During this winter season, I had the pleasure of enjoying freshly brewed, unfiltered doburoku along with local dishes. It was truly delicious!
Inside the unique thatched-roof old folk house called “Nambu Magariya,” built around 150 years ago in the Tono region, I indulged in local cuisine and doburoku. The event was packed with storytellers sharing traditional tales, local performing arts like Kagura, and much more. It was a delightful experience, immersing myself in Tono’s history and culture within the warm ambiance. I definitely want to participate again next year!

Had an amazing lunch at the retro diner

Had an amazing lunch at the retro diner, Koshoizu in Yugawara!
Enjoyed the A lunch set with hamburger and crab croquette.
They offer a variety of nostalgic menu items like pork sauté and pork cutlet curry, unique to local diners. Touched by the nostalgic flavors crafted by the seasoned chef.
After lunch, indulged in a blissful time at a day-use hot spring.
Yugawara is easily accessible from Tokyo and a delightful onsen destination for a day trip. #YugawaraLunch #DayTripOnsen #NostalgicFlavors

Mount Kitadake climbing

Mount Kitadake, the highest peak in the Southern Alps, stands as the second-highest mountain in Japan after Mount Fuji. The ascent to the summit is steep and demanding, requiring strong physical endurance.
However, it is renowned as one of the 100 flower mountains in Japan, and the hiking trail is adorned with alpine flora that soothes the soul.
I was blessed with good weather, and the view from the summit and the mountain hut was amazing.
The view of Mount Fuji from the summit of Mount Kitadake and the mountain hut was beautiful,
I could see various faces of Mount Fuji.