10 days Tohoku Tour report – day7 Nozawa Onsen to Matsumoto

Today, we left from Nozawa Onsen and crossed over the mountains to head towards Matsumoto. Our first destination was the small town of Obuse in northern Shinshu, known for its chestnuts and Hokusai. Obuse has a charming townscape with historic traditional houses and stone-paved streets that exude warmth. We parked our bikes and began exploring the town.
Obuse is famous for delicious traditional sweets and rice cakes made with chestnuts. We visited a Japanese confectionery shop, bought souvenirs, savored the rice cakes, and even tried some locally brewed sake. The rice cakes had a delightful sweetness and a chewy texture that filled our hearts with joy. Moreover, Obuse is renowned as a town of flowers. Beautiful flowers bloomed throughout the town, creating a picturesque scene. From cherry blossoms to azaleas and dogwood, different flowers welcomed us depending on the season. Armed with a camera, we captured the beauty of these flowers.After leaving Obuse, we continued towards Matsumoto. Along the scenic road, typical of Nagano, we encountered rows of apple, peach, and grape trees. The aroma of fruits filled the air, and we found solace in the landscapes that unfolded before our eyes.