5 days tour to Kyoto – day5 Fujinomiya to Tokyo

Today is finally the last day of Hong Kong Group. At first we headed to Shiraito Fall, the great waterfalls of Japan. Spring water of Mt. Fuji falls as thin streams across the 150-meter-wide and 20-meter-high cascade. We could enjoy cool and refreshing mist.It might make our luck go up. Next we rode to Yamamiya Sengen-jinja Shrine. This shrine has a history of over 1900 years and a place for worshipping Mt.Fuji from afar remained in a form of ancient Mt.Fuji worship.After enjoying 5 days tour, we came back to Tokyo. In Kyoto we stayed at the traditional townhouse and had a traditional Japanese dish “Kaiseki Cuisine”. In Nara we fed a deer the deer rice cracker in a park full of cherry blossoms. In the Mt.Fuji area, we enjoyed riding with big Mt.Fuji. If our guests enjoyed our tour, it makes me happy. Let’s enjoy riding Hokkaido dyed in autumn leaves next time! See you then next time!!