Half day trip to Boso Peninsula

Take 10:20 ferry from Kurihama port (Kanagawa Prefecture)and let’s go for a half day trip to Boso Peninsula.

First we go to Tomiura town to have seafood barbecue.Here is famous for freshly caught seafood especially shellfish.Oyster,Scallops,Turban shell…”Hamayakiya” is a restaurant for all you can eat buffet.We can enjoy a nice buffet only ¥2,950!!

After lunch we go for the hillside cliff-temple”Gakekannon”. The red colored temple on the cliff is so beautiful and the panoramic view of Tateyama from there is fantastic.

The last place of this trip is “Nojimasaki Light house”,also known as the Hakucho (Swan) Lighthouse.Located on Boso Peninsula’s southern tip and a great place for viewing the sunset.

We take 16:30 ferry to back to Kurihama port.If you have half day off, how about going on a half day trip?