Kyoto Sake Tour!

Fushimi, Kyoto, is one of Japan’s three major sake brewing areas, known for its long history of abundant pure water and thriving sake production. In Fushimi, where 18 sake breweries of various sizes are crowded together, I enjoyed sake brewery hopping while savoring delicious sake and Japanese cuisine. For lunch, we dined at a Japanese sake restaurant renovated from a brewery of the famous brand, “Gekkeikan.” Then, at the sake brewery counter called “Fushimi Sakagura koji,” we enjoyed tasting sake from all 18 breweries and limited edition sake. Fushimi is a small town, so you can leisurely explore while enjoying the history, culture, and delicious sake of the breweries. It was an irresistible time for sake lovers! 🍶🌸 #Kyoto #SakeTour #JapaneseSake #Fushimi”