Oshino Hakkai and Fuji’s fifth station

Over dozens of years, Fuji’s snow melt has fed into Oshino-Hakkai, one of the many natural ponds in the area.Ride beside the many majestic shades of Mt. Fuji –one for each season –reflected in these waters by the skirts of Japan’s most famous volcano.

Straw roofed houses and rice farming scenes dot the area around you, taking you back to a Japan from the past.The snow melt is ice cold and sweet; perfect for drinking or preparing soba or udon noodles for lunch.
And of course, how about a ride up the mountain?

The Fuji Subaru-Line highway takes you all the way to Mt. Fuji’s fifth station at 7560 feet (2,305m).

Rough Price :48,700 yen per person.(400~800cc bikes)
One days Basic tour included rental bikes and insurance:

For further details,please contact us.

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