Stay at a luxury inn in Nara

This ” Ubusuna-no-sato” is a Luxury inn in Nara prefecture.

“Ubusuna” means the land where the person was born.
This luxury inn is the birthplace of celebrated potter Kenkichi Tomimoto (1886 – 1963), who was honored as a Living National Treasure by the Japanese government in 1955.
In 2017, the house was renovated and opened as an inn.

There are just two spacious suites.
Each with views over the beautifully designed gardens and large baths enclosed by their own private gardens.

You can enjoy dishes using local ingredients and Japanese sake in a fine dining facility. Mr.Hazama is a chief chef and he uses many local food ingredients to offer the special dishes for his customers.

How about to sit and relax in the quiet inn.

From the inn, you can walk to Horyuji Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage site, with one of the world’s oldest wooden structures.