Tono Dobekko Festival!

I finally participated in the long-awaited Tono Dobekko Festival! Tono City in Iwate Prefecture has been known for its home-brewed cloudy sake called “doburoku,” designated as a special district for it. During this winter season, I had the pleasure of enjoying freshly brewed, unfiltered doburoku along with local dishes. It was truly delicious!
Inside the unique thatched-roof old folk house called “Nambu Magariya,” built around 150 years ago in the Tono region, I indulged in local cuisine and doburoku. The event was packed with storytellers sharing traditional tales, local performing arts like Kagura, and much more. It was a delightful experience, immersing myself in Tono’s history and culture within the warm ambiance. I definitely want to participate again next year!