Urban oasis – Hamarikyu garden

Urban oasis – Hamarikyu garden in central Tokyo.
This garden was originally built as a feudal lord’s Tokyo residence and duck hunting grounds during the Edo Period.Now it’s open for public.The gardens are built around a central pond. In the middle of the pond is a teahouse.You can sit down to enjoy a cup of matcha tea. Throughout the park there are a number of plum and cherry trees.It full bloom in spring and beautiful.Many people come to have a picnic and relax there.The contrast with the skyscrapers is spectacular.
都会のオアシス 浜離宮恩賜公園。江戸時代に創設され、歴代の将軍に愛された由緒ある庭園。海水の池、水上の茶室。高層ビル群とのコントラストが壮観です。