Mochi-tsuki – the unique New Year’s Eve events

In Japan there are many interesting New Year’s Eve events the Japanese peoples have to do before welcoming the New year. “Oosouji”clean all over a house with family and neighbors,set up ”Kadomatsu”,pine decorations and “Shimenawa”,a New Year festoon made of sacred straw at the entrance. Kadomatsu is a land mark to keep the God from getting lost and Shimenawa shows to the God that the area has been cleansed and is welcomed. And one more unique event is Mochi-tsuki. Mochi-tsuki is pounding boiled rice into mochi(a rice cake). Families and neighbors gather and pound it together.It’s a good time to deepen their friendship each other.How will you spend New year’s holidays? with your family? or with your friends? We hope that 2016 finds you happy and successful. We are looking forward to seeing you in our motorcycle tours next year.  Best wishes for the holidays and New year!