Oseibo – a cool Japanese traditional winter gift-giving

Oseibo is a traditional winter gift-giving in Japan.  Oseibo gifts are intended to be an expression of “Thanks” to someone who has shown you kindness during the year.

To whom?
They might be given to relative, Nakodo (matchmaker),teacher,clients, superiors at work, and doctor,etc.
From December 1st to December 20th on the solar calendar.
What gifts?
The traditional Oseibo items are beer, ham, sausages, premium cooking oils,canned food, gift certificates.
How much?
The budget according to the depth of association with the person who receive it,average is about 3,000-5,000 yen per gift.

Oseibo gifts are different from Christmas presents.  Christmas gifts are more private expression, usually given to family members, or close friends, not business associates.

Oseibo  is a cool traditional Japanese custom.