5 days Venus Line Tour

Customers : 8 people- 4 riders & 4 pillion passengers
Country : Malaysia

Touring course: Tokyo-Izu Peninsula-Venus Line-Matsumoto-Takayama-
-Mt.Fuji 5th station-lake kawaguchi-Tokyo
Total distance: 1000km

They are from Malaysia,4 riders with 4 pillion passengers on back.
Customers visited Japan at the first time.
This is their 10th wedding anniversary tour.They enjoyed everything they have experience in Japan. Last night on tour, we celebrated their anniversary with anniversary cake.They came to like Japan and they said they will back to japan next year.

14 days Enjoy live Japan with motorcycle tour

Customers : 7 Italian and 1 Rumania

Touring course: Tokyo-Izu Peninsula-Hakone- Kyoto- Shikoku island-Kurashiki-Shimane -Tottori-Ishikawa-Noto Peninsula-Hida Takayama- Matsumoto- Fuji five lakes- Tokyo
Total distance: 2800km

They are the group of Italian motorbike club.
Customers visited Japan at the first time.
We selected mix of landscape, sightseeing spots for their route to feel Japanese culture, history and nature.
We stayed at Kyoto for 3 nights.
We selected unique accommodations.It is a renovated old, Japanese-style home.

Rough price per person with eight people :¥440,000 excludes Motorcycle rental fee
(Prices subject to change depending on lodging fees and number of participants. In case of eight or less participants, price will be higher)
Motorcycle rental fee(sample) : NC750X-DCT ¥179,900

For further details,please contact us.

Shimanami Kaido~Akiyoshidai Karst plateau

Shimanami Kaido is a 60 kilometer long toll road passes across bridges and islands of the Seto Inland Sea.
It connects Honshu island to Shikoku island passing over six small islands in the calm Seto Inland Sea.

Enter from Imabari North IC

looking at so calm & beautiful Seto Inland Sea

Crossing over some bridges

to Onomichi city

from Onomichi, pass Sanyo expressway ,Chugoku express way
and Ogori Hagi Express way
reach at Akiyoshidai Karst plateau.

Akiyoshidai is the Japanese premier scenic spot with white and gray limestone peeking out from the vivid green in a 130 square kilometer area.
Enjoy Riding around the smooth green carpet continues on forever!

スクリーンショット 2015-06-02 21.22.14


Tokushima Noodle factory

Get off the Tokushima expressway at Mima IC

Continue to go to a Noodle Factory in the mountain.
No signboard displayed!
It’s difficult to find it.
After 30
minutes ride along the mountain road,
finally managed to reach the Mishima Seimenjo Noodle Factory.

DSC04227No sign board!

-Here is the entrance-
-Here is a menu on a front door-

An old woman is making  delicious noodles there.


“Hiya”- cold noodle

There are only 2 menu.
Hot or cold.
If you would like to order hot noodles,say “Atsu”.
Take it with Soy sauce  and chopped green onion.
It’s so delicious!
It’s only ¥140.
Can you believe?

“GO-CHI-SOH-SA-MA”(Thanks for the meal!)