Seto inland sea touring-visiting fantastic views of the ocean and islands – part 2

part 2- Let’s take a small ferry and visit the Tobishima kaido sea route.

part 2 – Take a local ferry from Munakata port to Okamura island.

Okamura island is the starting point of Tobishima Kaido sea route. At first ,let’s take a memorial photo at the Prefectural border between Ehime and Hiroshima. Here is the famous photo spot amaung the riders.

Then go to the Osaki shimojima island and travel into the past. Mitarai’s narrow lanes and alleys are still lined with buildings that date back to an earlier age. Consequently it has been designated a Historic Preservation District of Traditional Architecture, and more recently a Japan Heritage Site.

It’s always good to climb up to the observatory among the mandarin plantation. You can see the fantastic view from there.

“Tobishima-Kaido” is the beautiful sea route consists of 7 islands in Seto inland sea.Here is not commonly known to people as “Shimanami-Kaido”, however you should go riding if you want to feel real life of Japanese countryside. There are less traffics on the roads here.So you can ride slowly and stop at the places you like. Enjoy calm atmosphere and local life!