Day trip to Kamakura

Let’s go on a riding to an attractive coastal area just 50km south of Tokyo.

We went for riding to Shonan Area. First we visited a historical capital city of Kamakura. Big Torii is located on a path leads to Kamakura Hachiman Shrine.

 We rode along the beautiful coastal beach road looking at Mt.Fuji at the distance

 and went to the ancient island of Enoshima

After enjoying riding,we had lunch at  Mediterranean-style Sushi Marina restaurant.
The restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere, and you can enjoy a leisurely meal.

 Shannon area is very near from Tokyo and has fun places rich in variety to visit.

Rough Price : 48,700 yen per person.(400~800cc bikes)
One day Basic tour included rental bikes and insurance

For further details,please contact us.


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