The Shirakami Mountain Range

Leave for Juniko(twelve) lake in the Shirakami Mountain Range.
It spreads 130,000 hectares over Aomori and Akita,
and the central part has been listed as a World Natural Heritage Site since 1993.

Take a walk around the untouched primeval beech forest with a volunteer guide
and reach  Ao-ike Pond with mysterious cobalt blue water.  DSC00220.JPGIt’s particularly beautiful!

Leave there and went ahead to Lake Towada.
It’s a nice riding through Jukai(the sea of trees)Line.スクリーンショット 2015-06-26 17.05.58Lake Towada is spreading out below DSC00235.JPGIt’s the largest caldera lake on Honshu and
famous for its breathtaking clear water.DSC00250.JPG
I also visited the Oirase Mountain Stream.
It runs through a virgin forest.
I enjoyed  walking  along the banks of the stream.スクリーンショット 2015-06-26 17.08.09 I stayed at B&B near Lake Towada and went back home.

There are rich nature in Oamori  Prefecture and  my favorite touring place.

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