Tappi Cape – Tsugaru Peninsula

From Wakinosawa fishing village to Kanita town by ferry
It was raining.
A ferry platform  is stood alone in an corner of a village.DSC00181.JPGAbout an hour reach Kanita town.  Ride ahead to Seikan Tunnel Memorial Hall.
Seikan Tunnel is the longest and the deepest
operational main-line rail tunnel in the world.

take a tram.

and explored the world of 240m under the ground.DSC00187.JPG

On a way to Tappi Cape, a unique National Road.DSC00191.JPG
It’s a narrow stair road but the true National Road.
That’s Japan!

finally reach at Tappi Cape.

It’s the promontory at the tip of the Tsugaru-hanto Peninsula,
and is well-known for its severe gales, where the average force of the wind is 10 meters per second.

From Tappi cape to Jusanko Lake ,the road across the mountain was narrow and a steep slope.DSC00198.JPG

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