Hokkaido Autumn Leaves Touring Day5 and Day6

Today we head to the Hoheikyo dam, riding through the superb view route “Jozankei lake Line”.This route is very comfortable with no traffic lights or traffic jam.The fantastic landscapes continues, forest green mountains, dark blue lakes and colorful foliage leaves.

About one hour riding, we reach at the Hoheikyo Dam .It’s surrounded by forest and high mountains.it’s a must see! The views of the autumn leaves are spectacular.Hoheikyo Dam was voted as one of the top 100 waterside forests and is also one of the top 100 lake dams.And Hokkaido’s leading spot for autumn leaves.

I have enjoyed the early autumn leaves in Hokkaido. The magnificent natural landscape, delicious local meals and comfortable and homelike hotels and Ryokan Inns with Onsen.Especially meeting and riding with my friend in Hokkaido was fantastic. This inspection trip has finished successfully. We look forward to seeing you and riding with you in Hokkaido next year!!