Touring to Tono,a moutain town with mysterious atmosphere.

Tono is a rural town in the hills of central Iwate Prefecture in Tohoku region.

Here is best known as a repository of Japanese folklore due to its legends of spirits, animals and supernatural creatures.

Zashiki-warashi:It is said that they live in old houses and sometimes take the form of a child with bobbed hair.It is believed that families became wealthy, Zashiki-warashi lived in their homes.

Kappa : About the size of a child, they have a shell on their back, a dish on their head, webbed hands and feet, and a sharp, beak-like mouth.
live in Japan’s numerous rivers and streams, were created as warnings to keep children from drowning. And a pond behind Jogen-ji Temple”Kappa-Buchi” is said to be the place be able to meet them.

Tono is a mountain village with mysterious atmosphere. Its rustic landscapes,traditional farming culture,traditional,thatched roofed farmhouses.Time rolls by slowly and peacefully here.