The spiritual power spot “Ishiwari shrine”

About a 15 minute ride from Lake Yamanaka, we came to the entrance.

Passed the small bridge and go through the red Torii gate,

the long 403 staircase rises.Cannot see the very top. Straight steps leading up seems to continue to heaven.

After walked up 403 stair steps and 1 kilometer mountain hike, you finally reach at the shrine.

Beside the tiny shrine, you can see the large crack in the rock with some religious rope wrapped around it. Ishiwari shrine is translated to ‘Cracked Rock (boulder) Shrine’ known as a spiritual ‘power spot’.

There’s a passage way going through the split rock and going around the path 3 times (clockwise) will bring good luck. If you have time and tough mind, try here! One day tour include Mt.Fuji area is available from Tokyo.