Izu Kaiyo Koen Park,the breathtaking views onto the cliffs

Izu Kaiyo Koen Park is a beautiful section of coastline along the Izu Peninsula’s eastern coast.It is a part of the Izu Peninsula Geo Park.Park your bike and take a walk to the Suspension Bridge, you will see the breathtaking views onto the cliffs.If you stand on a rugged stretch of dark volcanic cliff, the beautiful blue ocean spread out before you.Izu peninsula is one of the most popular motorbike touring place near Tokyo,only 100km southwest. One day tour is available from Tokyo.

Oki Islands-a UNESCO Global Geopark

Oki Islands are a cluster of small islands(mainly 4 big islands) in the Sea of Japan about 80 kilometers off the north coast of Shimane Prefecture in western Japan.Here is the place you can get away from the hustle and bustle of mainland Japan and relax in nature.Peaceful deep forests, dramatic coastlines, incredible rock formations and rural fisherman’s village. Oki islands are classified as a UNESCO Global Geopark, one of only eight located in Japan.Can be reached by ferry. How about to add your to go list when this is all over. Motorcycle tour is available from Tokyo.

Heta fisherman’s village in West Izu Peninsula

If you want to enjoy to see Mt.Fuji quietly alone or with your friends, I would suggest to go to Heta fisherman’s village in West Izu Peninsula.The beautiful sandy beach, red shrine gate, rural fisherman’s village…Mt.Fuji will appear beyond the the cobalt blue sea.Not many people there.It’s quiet and nice.One day tour is available from Tokyo.

Meet the Cute horses at Shiriyazaki Cape

If you want to take a relaxing ride and to meet cute horses,I would recommend to go to Shiriyazaki Cape in Aomori prefecture. It’s in the northern most east edge of Honshu island. They are called Kandachime Horse. In winter they stand against the icy sea winds bravely, but in summer they are so lazy due to hot weather.It’s so cute. Aomori prefecture is far from Tokyo(about 9 hours), but it’s worth to visit.

Half day trip to Nokogiriyama mountain

If you have only half day for motorcycle touring,I would recommend to go to Chiba prefecture.
Crossing the Aqua Line bridge, you will reach the place overflows with natural beauty both inland and by the sea.
At first you must visit the Nokogiriyama mountain.
The big Buddha welcomes you.In the middle of the mountain, you will find a sacred place where the mountain derived its unique saw-tooth shape from years of quarrying and has been a Buddhist site for over 1300 years.
When you reach the top, you may take your breath away in the beautiful panoramic view from the precipitous cliffs.

Hiking nearby

I went hiking yesterday.I walked a ridge with hearing birds singing. I could see Mt.Fuji and Enoshima island from the hill. Not many people there but I put on a mask and took social distances when passing each other for safety.